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Sharing an alternative, interracial road cycling relationship

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Making New Friends at NAHBS

Making New Friends at NAHBS

NAHBS Charlotte Photo Studio Crew ©Weldon Weaver

NAHBS Charlotte Photo Studio Crew
©Weldon Weaver

23 March 2014, Charlotte, NCNAHBS is certainly the place to experience the most stunning custom and handmade bicycle innovations you’re not likely to see at your local bike shop.   And it’s a great place to meet some of the giants of the industry like Tom Ritchey and Chris King who manned their booths during the recent show in Charlotte.

Photo Studio NAHBS Charlotte ©


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Review - The Grand Budapest Hotel


Wes Anderson is a very hard director to be on the fence about. As much as you can love him for his heightened realities of deadpan, his whimsical storytelling, precise camera movements and his perfectly framed centers, you could just as easily hate him for those same things. However, there’s something about this film that tells me it will win over even his most negative of critics.

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Can’t wait to see this film.

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A Small World


18 March 2014, Salt Lake City, UT – Home for two days and recovering from NAHBS. We enjoyed living a different life for a week and we are grateful to our NAHBS family for their hospitality but it’s nice to be home.

A crazy week of bikes and people. Said hello to Mike DeSalvo though I didn’t photograph his latest bikes. I have one and can tell you the guy knows how to work metal.


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Mavic - The French Chefs of Bicycle Components

Mavic – The French Chefs of Bicycle Components

Mountain bike wheel: Crossmax Enduro NABS Charlotte ©

Mountain bike wheel: Crossmax Enduro
NABS Charlotte

16 March 2014, Charlotte, NC – Just as a Michelin three-star French chef would never allow an imperfect plate to leave his kitchen, Mavic, the storied French bicycle component manufacturer, releases no new product lines before perfection is achieved.   According to the Mavic representatives at NAHBSCharlotte the company is not…

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